Customs decals are required for all private aircraft as proof that the User Fee for entry into the U.S. has been paid for the calendar year. Any arriving private aircraft that does not have an annual decal is required to pay a non-refundable per arrival User Fee and complete an application, which will be forwarded to the processing center. The application will be processed, and a decal will be mailed from the processing center. The application for the custom deal can be completed on-line. Once a decal is obtained it is good for the calendar year. Unless it is purchased the last two weeks of the year then it will be good for those two weeks and the complete following year. When purchasing the decal within a couple of months of the year you will be given the option to purchase the current year and the following year. If the aircraft does not have an up-to-date decal for the current year one will need to be purchase even though it’s only good for the remaining months of the year. Then a new one must be purchased for the following year. Once the purchase is complete the operator must keep the receipt on the aircraft until the actual decal is received in the mail. The process could take up to six to eight weeks.


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