Agent, agent, agent. We know it gets old hearing this about African countries, but the agent’s network and contacts just take away the stress.

Benin authorities advertise ten day lead time on permit applications. The agents can typically get this done in less time (another good reason to use the agent).


All operations need permits, and we always deal directly with the agents here as well. Not worth the headache of trying to ensure communications with the authorities (their published phone rarely rings through).

Seven days notice is what is advertised for applications. We’ve seen Burkina Faso permits take a bit more time to process, even with the agent and this time line varies. If you are going here give as much notice as you can.


No permits needed for any overflight here. Landing is pretty straight forward. You need to give a minimum of five days notification time for the flight.

When arranging your landing permit it is best to use your handling agent. They can incorporate the fees into your handling fees. Safeport need payment by credit card either remotely or by crew on the ground.


Standard as with the majority of African countries–all operation types require a permit, and the authorities want between two and seven days notice.

Send this off to the agent and you’ll get results without the stress of trying to make contact locally.


All flights require prior permission. Give notice 72 hours in advance. You can apply directly to the authorities using the contact details below.

All flights need to enter and leave Gambia from Banjul Airport (GBYD).


Often used for technical stops, this is a good location with decent infrastructure. You should still work with an agent, however, we find the same issues as many African countries with unreliable contact.

Prior permission is required for all flights. Two days notice is needed and your flight plan should be filed two hours in advance.


Always use an agent here. The CAAs phone number is barred from incoming calls, and email is unreliable.

Landings need an application in writing by letter to the Director General. Once received you need to apply via AFTN three days in advance of flight. You will need handling set up in advance.

Not recommended for landings unless on humanitarian mission.


Just like with Guinea you should only use an agent here (bad phone numbers published for the CAA, and we still can’t find any email addresses).

Give three days notice for overfly permits.


No need to use an agent here. Communications are good so you can go direct. Three days notice is needed. Apply on a weekday between 0800-1800LT but they do have a staff working 24 hours a day for emergencies.

Use this form to apply:


Not recommended to operate in Mali, airspace is not safe. If you really must fly into or through Mali airspace use an agent to set up your permits. Humanitarian flights are given first approvals.

Before considering flying here we recommend you check out


All flights require permits. Contact is good here. You should apply directly to the authorities using AFTN. Once sent you can follow up by email to the address listed below.

However, if you need anything short notice (under two or three days), go with the agent. It seems with Africa CAAs they’re never around when you actually need them.


Use an agent here. You need to give notice four days in advance for Private and a single commercial flight.

However, you’ll need to give 15 days days notice for two to three flights in a series and 30 days notice for three or more flights in a series.


Apply using an agent here. There are no published working numbers for the CAA permit office.

More than one landing takes more work and take up to six months to get approval (like an operations permit). Once you have this approval can you go through normal channels to arrange a permit.

Single flights can be authorized without going through the six month long process but these are done on a case by case basis and only if relevant to special events or emergencies.


Contact the CAA directly with your application and follow up with a phone call. Best results come by AFTN.

If you are having problems, agent contacts are below but communications with the authorities are good especially if you chase by phone.


Private flights need only file flight plan six hours in advance for notification.

All other flights must apply five working days in advance. Use your agent for permits here the contact is very unreliable for the authorities.


Don’t try applying here yourself. Contact is sporadic and you’re better to use an agent to make life easier.

Avoid landing here between 0000LT and 0600LT. Private flights need to apply giving between two and seven days notice. No more, no less.

Documentation states that commercial flights should give at least three days notice but if you can give more we would recommend.


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