Brunei has some strange requirements, it’s always worth double checking on needs. Landing permits are always required, but overfly permits get a bit confusing.

Always include their AFTN on your flight plan, but you’ll only need an overfly permit from Brunei if you’re flying FL145 or below. Above this, Malaysia controls the airpspace, so you’ll need to contact them for the permit.


Use an agent, the phone to the authorities often doesn’t work. Give five days notice for a landing permit and three days for an overfly permit.

CAA charge per permit:
Standard Notification – $50 single / $75 return Urgent – $75 single / $100 return
Weekend/Holiday/Same-Day (if available) – $150 single /
$200 return Normal – $100 Urgent – $150


Use an agent because the form needs to be signed and stamped in person so you cannot apply directly to the CAA.

You should give five days notice for a flight, anything less and it is classed as urgent. Once you have your agent set up the system works very smoothly.

They will usually give a few days validity for the permit too which is always helpful.


You can go direct to the CAA here. Navigation Fees need to be paid in advance. If you are unable to do this you can go to an agent who will typically pay on your behalf but charge you 15% disbursement fee.

You need to give five to seven days notice for both overfly and landing permits.


Apply direct to the agent. A private flight requires one week notification. Commercial flights to West Malaysia require two weeks notice and flights to East Malaysia require ten days notice. The authorities are often difficult to reach.

There are specific forms for each type of flight which need to be filled in for the application.


Navigation fees need to be paid in advance. If you have time you can set up an account with the CAA and apply for your permits directly. If not you can use an agent who can pay these on your behalf.

You need to give five days notice for landing and three days notice for overfly permits.


Use an agent for your permits. Commercial are lengthly and cumbersome. You’ll need to give 10-15 days notice. You’ll need an Operators Permit plus get an Air Transport Permit.

There are CAA charges:
Operators Permit: $500 Air Transport Permit: $250

If you are flying on any of the following routes M758, M646, M767, G334, M761, G580 ensure that you are not overflying any of the Indonesian islands. If so, you’ll need to make sure you also get an Indonesian permit.


Use an agent when applying if you are in a rush. You’ll need to give notice for permits of three days for an overflight and five days for landing permits.

The CAA also have a charge for issuing permits starting at
$50 for an overfly permit and $100 for a landing permit. Costs rise due to urgency and if requested during weekends.


You need a local sponsor for permits in Vietnam. Therefore, its best to arrange a permit via an agent who can usually give you the sponsor letter.

They require three days notice for an overfly permit and seven days notice for a landing. However, if you request through an agent they can usually get it quicker through their contact in the authorities.


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