All operations require permits in Angola, and be sure to list your operator postal address in your flight plan. Also, you’ll want specific written confirmation of your fuel uplift, it can be limited in Angola. The authorities will occasionally check with this before granting any permit. Submit requests for permits three days before operation.


No permit required for private, overfly, or technical landing, but be sure to give fair notice for any landing.

Go direct to the CAA, they charge a fee for approval. If you decide it’s best to use an agent, watch closely on who is charging what and for how much.


Make sure you’re filing the flight plan far enough in advance, preferably 24 hours, that’s enough for the authorities for prior notification.

Dependant on type of landing, permit approval can require anywhere from two to 15 days, there is no specified time. Use an agent to secure the landing permit.


Keep an eye on current NOTAMs and regulations for arrival and departure from Madagascar. Recent changes restrict which airports you can arrive to and from. Request with the agent, and you’ll want to apply at least three days prior to flight.

There’s a case of the Plague is going around (yes, that Plague), so we’d keep an eye on that before planning any trip that direction.


We’d suggest going to an agent, we find the phone numbers often don’t ring through to the CAA, or they just don’t bother picking up.

There is a form– IS 10:6 (1), but you can likely avoid filing this when using the agent. Or fill it out, and the agent will think you’re on top of things.


For landing permits in Mauritius, give yourself loads of time for approval. All permits require three days notice. Also, they’ve recently changed policy, and even change of crew or passengers require three days notice.

We haven’t tested to know for sure, but they say they won’t even consider an application with less than the three days notice.

Go direct to the CAA with your application. Communication is straight forward.


Mozambique documentation is a bit strange–you don’t need a permit for a tech stop or an overfly, but if you’re operating private and landing, you’ll need a permit. Same goes for commercial flights. Apply through an agent.

Official documentation states 24 hours prior for private flights.


All types of operations require a permit, and the CAA has made it easy to fax a form. Use the after hours fax for night and weekends. Typically, the CAA wants 24 hours notice, and if you’re landing at one of their “Special Permission” Airports, you’ll want to make proper advance notification, along with the permit to ensure customs and services are available.

Special Permission Airports: FYGB, FYKM, FYKT, FYLZ, FYOA, FYOG and FYRU.


Private Flights only need to file a flight plan four hours in advance.

Commercial Flights are a bigger job. We recommend using an agent to navigate you through this process. It takes seven days as you need to apply for a Foreign Operators Permit. Form Number: CA 121-19.


Not often you’ll need a permit for Swaziland, and we suggest you just go right to the agent to get this one in place. Be sure you apply at least 24 hours in advance.

You’ll be using South African airspace to get there, so be sure you’re all clear for overflying South Africa as well.


Use an agent for Zambia, don’t even bother to contact the CAA directly. You’ll need to get a TEMPORARY AIR SERVICE PERMIT (TASP) for any cargo or passenger operation,   the   agent   will   facilitate   this   for   you.


Official documentation states they want the application at least 24 hours prior to operation, but our experience is to give it between 48-72 hours.


Keep with an agent on this one. All permits are valid for 72 hours beyond the scheduled date of departure, so you’ll have flexibility.

The CAA has after hour contacts for emergencies, use 4 585006 during nights and weekends.

Private flights carrying less than seven passengers do not need a permit to land or overfly, just file the flight plan. Seven or more passengers–you’ll need a permit.


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