We do suggest using AMERICAN FLIGHT SUPPORT Ops Team here. The Authorities are closed Thursday and Friday, they won’t process any permits during that time. Afghanistan will charge $700 in navigation fees, per transit.

If you’re landing in Afghanistan, you’ll need a PPR along with your permit, use the standard form.

Keep an eye on for risk factors when flying over or to Afghanistan. Contact us today to arrange all for you. 1-888-245-4017


AMERICAN FLIGHT SUPPORT works directly with the CAA. There’s a specific form for Private flights,  We fill it out and send it off. You can see results in two days for tech stops landings, and a few days longer for any commercial stop.

If you’re flying private and just fueling in Bahrain, then till be very easy to get the permit

Make sure you have your insurance certificate on hand, they’ll take a close look on landing permits.


AMERICAN FLIGHT SUPPORT will  apply directly to Iran, they communicate well. If you’re from the US, however, you’ll need to be aware of sanctions for dealing directly with Iran, or agencies in Iran. We’ll use an approved agent if you’re from the US (i.e.–not an Iranian company).

Iran doesn’t work on Fridays, so be aware there.

Keep an eye on for risk factors when flying over or to Iran.


AMERICAN FLIGHT SUPPORT has a satellite office in North Iraq that can offer all kinds of services on the ground. Contact us today on 888-245-4017 or send us your request via


Overfly permits are only allowed by aircraft operating a scheduled service.

No overfly permits for commercial flights allowed unless humanitarian. These take two weeks or so to set up. No flights allowed to or from most Middle Eastern countries and Israel.

ASOC’s Security/Customs team will need to contact you to find out a lot of information on each crew member and passengers in advance of flight. Once ASOC issue the permit number it does not become valid until the Pilot calls up prior to their departure to confirm. Use an agent here to save you a whole lot of hassle. Contact us today to arrange your permits.


All permits for Jordan should be via third party. Contact us today to arrange your permits accordingly.


AMERICAN FLIGHT SUPPORT will apply direct to the CAA. We will need to give three days notice. It’s a standard application you need to send along with the aircraft documents.

No flight may route to or from Israel. The only airport you can fly to/from internationally is OKBK/Kuwait. When departing from Kuwait, they like you to file your flight plan at least 24 hours in advance.


Use AMERICAN FLIGHT SUPPORT to arrange your permit. Two days notice is required for overflights and tech stops.

If you are operating commercially or with passengers (even private) you’ll need to give seven days notice of your flight.

No flight may route to or from Israel. Remember, Lebanon is now part of Eurocontrol, so you only need to file your flight plans to AFTN: EUCHZMFP and EUCBZMFP.


AMERICAN FLIGHT SUPPORT will arrange all the permits for you. The CAA hours are (Sun-Thursday hours).

If landing in Oman, you’ll need handling and parking confirmation. The AMERICAN FLIGHT SUPPORT will need to arrange this for you.

Sometimes a quick turn is best in Oman, airports are very congested for a night stop, and you may not get a permit. or 1-888-245-4017


Contact us to get you the permits. Applications should be made three days in advance of flight.

With the new Qatar regulations, other countries that have banned Qatar flights may take a closer look at the permit application, but there is no issue for Non-Qatar registered aircraft.


Very difficult to work directly with the CAA, they’ll shut off their phones when they feel like it. always use AMERICAN FLIGHT SUPPORT for flight permits here.

Give three days notice for your permit but keep in mind that the CAA only work Sun-Wed during office hours.


If you really must fly here, the details are below, but we strongly recommend avoiding the airspace altogether.

Apply using AMERICAN FLIGHT SUPPORT as your agent. With the difficulties in government you may not make good communication to get approvals. Give four days notice for a commercial flight and two days notice for a private or tech stop flight.

Take a look at for the latest updates on flying in Syria before thinking of going here.


No overfly permits required in any of the states except for Sharjah. Give two days notice for your permit requests.
Each state has their own contact information, and they’re all easy to work with directly.Contact us 1-888-245-4017 or


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