Contact can be tricky (the CAA phone lines often don’t ring through), so a request through the AFS would be the way to go.

If a private flight, you’ll want to request between two and seven days prior to flight, not longer.


Commercial flights need quite some time for approval, suggested 15 days in advance. For approval, the authorities also need to know how much you’re charging the passengers or what you’re getting paid to move the cargo. We’d suggest Apogee, contact here can be quite limited, even with handling agents. The published email rarely works for the CAA.

Keep an eye on for risk factors when flying over or to Central African Republic


Chad is another tricky country to deal with directly,    so it’s  our  suggestion  to  deal  directly  with  the  agent. Official documentation states 72 hours lead time for overfly permits, and 15 days for a landing.

Keep an eye on for risk factors when flying over or to Chad.


Apply between two and seven days for your private permits, and five days for commercial permits. If you’re working directly, send your requests by AFTN. You won’t be doing that, because we suggest using AMERICAN FLIGHT SUPPORT.


If you’re reading this, you should just go ahead and request with AMERICAN FLIGHT SUPPORT. Not worth fighting trying to make contact with the CAA.

Keep an eye on for risk factors when flying over or to DRC.


Use AMERICAN FLIGHT SUPPORT. You’ll want to give good notice because contact is rough, (give a week to be safe), but for your standard overfly permits and tech stops, you’ll likely see approval in less time once positive contact is made


Some documentation states that permits are not required for Gabon, but our research shows permits are required for all operations. For the cost of these permits, go ahead and reach out to the AMERICAN FLIGHT SUPPORT Ops Team to secure, just to be safe.


All flights here require a permit. Flight plan should be filed at least two hours in advance. Contact AMERICAN FLIGHT SUPPORT if you have a few days notice otherwise use an agent.


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