Permits in China can be intimidating. They require use of AFTN/SITA, have specific routing, and are only valid for the exact timing given. Commercial landings require a sponsor letter written in Mandarin by the receiving party.

We recommend applying to AMERICAN FLIGHT SUPPORT , as the authorities aren’t very patient and it can become frustrating at how short they’ll be on the phone. If you want to apply direct, you’ll send your application through AFTN and SITA, in the specific format required. Working with the AMERICAN FLIGHT SUPPORT allows all to be in order, making it easier to get approval.


Hong Kong can be done on using AMERICAN FLIGHT SUPPORT Ops Team,  we will help you register and the first time will be the worst as there are several systems you need to register for. After the first time, it gets much easier, and permits can be obtained in just a few days.

Basically, you’ll need to apply for Landing Permit, Parking, Handling, and Slot for each landing. AMERICAN FLIGHT SUPPORT can do this, we can help in  if short notice. we prefer you plan a couple of weeks before your very first flight.


You won’t need a permit for Japan (tech stop or overfly) as long as you stay on published airways, and the aircraft is ICAO member state registered.

If you’re going for a landing permit, it’s best to apply through AMERICAN FLIGHT SUPPORT . The Authorities are very difficult to deal with, and the list of requirements is quite lengthy.

Keep an eye on for risk factors when flying the Sea of Japan.


Macau landings are required, and remember that when landing in Macau and transitioning Mainland China, you’ll still require an overfly permit for China.

That’s why we have overfly permit marked above. The AMERICAN FLIGHT SUPPORT Ops Team can arrange both. Contact us : 1-888-245-4017 or


All permits are required in Mongolia, Contact us to arrange accordingly.

You’ll want to use Form “B” when submitting to the authorities, and give more than two working days, as the CAA will bill you more for short notice.


For the rare circumstances you need a North Korea overfly permit, give three days validity on the permit. contact us to arrange.

Don’t plan on getting a landing permit of any kind there, however.

Keep an eye on for risk factors when flying over or to North Korea.


You’ll want to use AMERICAN FLIGHT SUPPORT here–as Navigation Fees and CAA fees must be paid prior to getting any permit.

Work with Ops Team and you can expect permit approval in 48-72 hours. They require the routing you’ll use to calculate the navigation fees.

CAA Fees can add up, they’ll add costs for permits with more than 40 passengers, for domestic legs, other items.


For South Korea permits, we recommend to apply using AMERICAN FLIGHT SUPPORT for overfly permits, for short notice and landing permits.

AMERICAN FLIGHT SUPPORT needs to record your operation details with CAA before getting any type of permits.

Keep an eye on for risk factors when flying over or to South Korea.


We recommend working with us for all permits. You can expect one day advance for overfly permits, and two days advance for landing permits.

Also, you cannot fly between China and Taiwan unless you have an aircraft registered in either country. Contact us 1-888-245-4017 or


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