You need to contact us to get this permit, our  service is part of the handling charge. Give three days notice for single flight and 20 days notice for two or more in a series of flights.

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Some differences on tech stop and landing here. A tech stop is either for refuel with passengers on board or for crew rest with no passengers on board the flight, with ground time from one to two days.

Costs are high. You can pay from EUR 200 for a tech stop with three days notice or more, up to EUR 2000 for an urgent commercial landing with three to twelve hours notice.

Contact us direct :


contact us :

It is published that five days notice is required. However, you need to contact us and we’ll be able to arrange in less time.


Very easy to arrange direct with American Flight Support. we need to give time to pay Navigation Fees in advance.


Five days notice needed for permit. Use American Flight Support to arrange your permits.

You must use UCFM or UCFO as your airport of entry. If you are intending to land at any other airports we must use a Kyrgyzstan navigator on board the flight who is authorized and approved by the CAA.


There is a specific Form to be filled in for permit applications. (Form ‘N’). For private flights give one day notice notice.
Less than four commercial flights a month give three working days and more than four give two weeks notice.

When sending your application put in Entry/Exit points including expected date and time at each point as well as full ATC Routing.

You need to contact us  for overfly permits (must be done via AFTN or SITA)


American Flight Support needs to pay Navigation fees in advance for overfly permits. we can also arrange for you to pay on the ground but you need to coordinate with AMERICAN FLIGHT SUPPORT in advance.

Landing Permits need three days notice, overfly permits need one day notice.


Permits usually valid for four days.

Overfly permits should be arranged by AMERICAN FLIGHT SUPPORT. It’s quite difficult and awkward to arrange landing permits here.
Permits must be arranged through a local sponsor and they are done via Diplomatic channels.

An agent can assist with getting the permit in place and act as a go-between.

UTAA must be used as airport of entry and exit. Contact us today for more details:


AMERICAN FLIGHT SUPPORT will easily get your permits direct from the authorities. Communications are good, and you can expect to give three days notice.

For overfly permits, use these contacts:


American Flight Support is a registered agent with CENAMER. we can get you a permit in less than 2 hours and we will bill you later based on your navigation fees which is the time you flew in the aerodromes that they are watching. 


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