Our focus on safety sets us apart more than anything else we do. Your safety is our number one priority and we are happy to discuss your concerns prior to any flight. After selecting the perfect jet for your needs, we thoroughly vet the operators’ operation and safety records. The quality of your aircraft is always guaranteed. American Flight Support’s rigorous safety programs exceed industry standards for private jet safety, which means you and your guests are always safe and secure. In fact, everything we do revolves around customer safety and it’s a commitment we don’t take lightly. Our management team leaders are aviation veterans with decades of experience. American Flight Support’s entire culture is built around passenger safety. In fact, we don’t just practice safety but consider it a way of life.


When it comes to taking care of our passengers we stand out of the crowd. To us, our passengers’ safety is the highest priority. When we pick an aircraft for you, we vet the operators’ operation and safety records to guarantee the quality of the aircraft. Our private jet charter team is happy to discuss any safety concerns before, during or after the flight to make your trip smooth and seamless. Give us a call at 888-245-4017 with any questions regarding safety.


At American Flight Support, every aspect of our private charter flight operations revolve around our commitment to safety. Our industry-leading safety programs consistently exceed established industry standards for private jet safety to provide customers with an aviation experience that is always safe and secure. Our management team is led by aviation veterans with decades of experience meeting the rigorous private jet safety standards utilized by the major airlines. The importance they have placed on safety standards and processes is reflected in the culture of safety that has become a way of life for every member of the American Flight Support team.


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