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Our services provide the necessary security arrangements that offers safe and relaxing flights. American Flight Support can arrange for secure transportation, armed guards, flight security, and aircraft security at airports and destinations where local regulations allow private airport security companies to operate. Our company is in contract with specialized private security agencies with trained and licensed security personnel, ensuring that our services are of the highest quality where expertise matters most. In areas that prohibit private security operations, we have access to governmental security agencies to extend our services. We also provide security briefings specific to your destination whenever required.

American Flight Support specialize in providing not just any solution, but the right solution to meet your security needs. As your partner we work to thoroughly understand your objectives, review your situation, and implement customized solutions which are cost effective and aligned with your goals. AFS with our global partners employ a consultative approach to design programs that provide optimal security, high efficiency, and meet your objectives. We build our security management structure and operational support to achieve your vision and exceed our commitments around the world. Consult our Security team today by calling 888.245.4027 or just simply send us an email to ops@americanflightsupport.com


We can arrange security teams and bodyguards around the world especially within the countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen…etc.





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